FaceBook Changes 2012 – Noteworthy If your Care #socmedia

  1. As always, for the busy professional, an infographic on changes that will take effect will do the trick, so here goes…
  2. This is a very useful post from PCWorld to guide you through the process. Change your business pages as soon as possible or be disgruntled on April Fool’s day – for real…
  3. There has also been numerous tweets linked to great tips on how to make the changes for TimeLine to be optimised…
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    Facebook is changing for businesses, check this out about the new timeline changes safe-url.org/45v0
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
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    RT @kristiewells: Good post from @shellykramer: How to Maximize Facebook Timeline for Your Business Page (big changes coming 3/30). ow.ly/9UZde
    Tue, Mar 27 2012 19:12:59
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    Everything you wanted to know about Facebook Timeline for brand pages by @smexaminer bit.ly/yE5Dcq
    Tue, Mar 27 2012 19:12:59
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    Timeline changes over at the end of this month. Great article. fb.me/1bIIevklr
    Tue, Mar 27 2012 19:12:59
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    7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses » Social Media Examiner socialmediaexaminer.com/7-new-facebook… via @smexaminer
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
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    Is your business ready for the new Facebook Timeline changes? bit.ly/yVzDMk
    Tue, Mar 27 2012 19:12:59
  10. Maybe the most contentious issue in FB has been the privacy one. And here is another change coming up:
  11. Not all are convinced:
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    Facebook’s new proposed “data use” policy still needs work re applications’ access to info of people not using apps. #privacy
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
  13. And with the FB TimeLine coming into play, it may be a good time to check those privacy settings on your account again. Developers may also find it interesting that rights will not EXCLUDE extraction of source code from downloadable software:
  14. Despite – or maybe because! of changes – we can expect that brands will more and more take on opportunities to develop applications and will find the resources to do so online. (I heard today of a brand that have to re-do their entire application after it was removed by FaceBook)….
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    Facebook : Total number of of active applications: 550,000 plus and growing daily #socialmediaa2z socialmediaa2z.org
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
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    How to Do Everything: Facebook Applications (Paperback): How to Do Everything: Facebook Applications (Paperback) amzn.to/x7HioR
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
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    Using Facebook Applications in Building Your Online Business Empire KJC: .AsC bit.ly/GLpuJN
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
  18. And of course, there is the never ending convergence of social media, with speculation about the future of Twitter and FaceBook…
  19. After most has been said and done, Quora remains one of the best stops to get your outstanding questions answered on the FaceBook changes in 2012:
  20. In the final analysis, it will be up to the users of FaceBook to determine value – like in all other business, it will have to deliver meaningful content or functionality. Or, #death by removal. After all, it is a click away.
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    I really should remove some applications from my Facebook. I’m ALWAYS getting ‘Notifications’ which aren’t even Noteworthy! #facebookwoes
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
  22. – curated by @iAmnotMany for my followers that are early-adopters of technology, great business concepts and above all, kindness…

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