a Logo and Slogan for #CapeAdvice

It has become necessary to develop a logo for the popular #CapeAdvice service. True to the crowd-sourced style of building our Twitter community, I decided to farm out the opportunity to graphic designers in return for some tweet exposure. Of course, the first preference would be to pay one professional for her/his talent, but I figured, in this way more than one could get marketing exposure to a wider clientele. Bartering of sorts. I request followers to spread the news and share the process to achieve some reciprocity. Thanks in advance.

If interested: Indicate your intention to help out with a logo with a quick tweet to @iAmnotMany and tag it #logoforcapeadvice. Then, by latest deadline Monday 9 April at noon, please submit your design via email to tweet@atcapetown.co.za in simple JPEG format, after which the @CapeTown followers will be asked to vote regularly for a design via TWTpoll for one week.

Benefits: Each entrant will also be profiled on the website atcapetown.co.za/advice with a direct link to your preferred portfolio of work or website, and will also be introduce via tweets. The final decision will rest with me, but I will certainly place a heavy weight on the opinions of followers and affiliates, and intend to consult with them frequently via Twitter about your designs.

Here is the small downloadable project brief for more details. (Update: some people struggle to download the document, so tweet me for an emailed copy of the brief @iamnotmany).

I am excited to see the results of the creative efforts. In addition, I hope this small campaign could help great graphic artists to get more exposure, especially in Cape Town – but entries are not limited to Capetonian designers this time around…

Thank you very much!

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2 thoughts on “a Logo and Slogan for #CapeAdvice

  1. Great idea, thx 4 the opportunity and yep, we’re in.

    Looking forward to seeing some of the cool ideas #CAPEADVICE logo is bound to generate from Cape Town creatives and beyond!

    again, ♥ the idea

  2. iamnotmany says:

    Kindly note: For clarity sake, there is no monetary compensation involved, but marketing exposure via prominent Twitter accounts. Please weigh up the value for you in terms of your business, and also in terms of potentially being seen by other clients following @capetown and @capeadvice.

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