#CapeAdvice – now with a new Logo!


It has been decided! With 51% of voting followers (242 people) selecting the professional logo designed by Melissa Maloney, it was decided that the bold logo with its crisp lines should indeed represent our localised ‘tip-sourcing’ service. The slogan (mentioned in the brief) may still change, after some feedback. I appreciate the retweets, 478! votes on our TWTPoll and comments by many followers.

Thank you very much to @creativeMaloney for a striking design with much potential (logo B). It will be incorporated into our Twitter page tomorrow and will be used extensively to promote the service. I would also like to see the newcomer #joziAdvice take off soon, and the logo has potential to be replicated… If you live in Johannesburg, feel free to start using the service.

It has been an extra-ordinary experience to get so many quality designs from graphic artists for #capeadvice. The logos are diverse and it was not so easy to select one. We encourage the @CapeTown community to contact any of these designers via Twitter should you also need creative work.

Thank you again…


One thought on “#CapeAdvice – now with a new Logo!

  1. Herman says:

    Well Done!!!!

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