Working with myPrepaid, a #capeHero

In the beginning of this year, I was approached by a new startup company in Cape Town to offer prepaid electricity services to followers @capetown.

From the onset, myPrepaid made an impression and I decided to register my own meter to purchase electricity online via EFT. I wanted to test the system before recommending it, and maybe agreeing to endorse the service as a #capeHero (the tag used for supporting sponsors or affiliated businesses to the @capetown and @joziZA Twitter accounts).

It was one of the best decisions I ever made. No more rush to the local store to get prepaid electricity. I registered myself, then added them as beneficiary and transferred funds via EFT to the myPrepaid account. I received the token immediately. It was a breeze. From there, it was a simple decision to partner with myPrepaid for selective and non-intrusive promotion of the service to followers. If you want to read the Terms and Conditions, go here.

“We live in Cape Town. And so we know all about the craziness a city brings and that there are loads of things we could be doing rather than worrying about when and where to get electricity”.

It has always been a bit of pain to buy prepaid electricity and yes, there are other solutions (you are welcome to mention them in comments) but I am glad I opted into myPrepaid and tested the service several times. I feel confident to recommend it to followers. Support the tweeting of @capetown by registering via our FaceBook application or click on this link. The cost of electricity is the same! There is no need to have, or use, a credit card as you make a direct transfer every time you buy electricity. Just WOW….

Update: I discovered a video clip (embedded below) that demonstrate how easy it is. I agree. I have also now added a special promotion to the webpage that followers could tweet out. Find it on the homepage in the wibiya bar at the bottom.

Ps: If you are in Johannesburg, you can also register your meter and purchase electricity online: Click Here


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