What makes for a good Twitter account? #capeDiscuss

I have wondered about this question many times. I have read blogs, saw tweets and have seen books written about the topic. In the final analysis, one can only turn to your own followers and ask the question:

  1. CapeTown
    what makes a Twitter account any good to follow? the name or the content? both? #capeDiscuss

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 03:54:30
  2. See, as self-appointed online community builder for Cape Town Twitter users via @capetown, I need to ask myself what my role is and to what extend the account has a life beyond my own involvement. And I listened to the answers:
  3. daneovermeyer
    @CapeTown The name n bio are important. N the tweets – funny, interesting, informative?? Follow me I’ll show u how its done lol #capeDiscuss

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 03:56:58
  4. Besides offering himself as role model 🙂 Dane suggests that both name and content make it work, but I am not so sure. I have seen accounts with terrible names and brilliant content that fly, and accounts with the right name, e.g. @Johannesburg that is totally under-utilized and has very little efficiency (reach or influence) in Twitter.

    Considering that Johannesburg is more active in Twitter according to the latest stats below, one would think that the account with the same name would have more followers if it was ‘all in a name’. But no, it has only 221 followers and 2 tweets via the account owner about his own business. I am thinking – at least in Twitter – there is very LITTLE in the name itself, and it is all in the choice of content… and engaging a community of followers.

    Two followers suggested the quantity of tweets – and the wit therein! – as essential for a good Twitter account. And also, whether the account holder is known to the follower (here, beyond the account name to the person in the seat) or if the account has the ability to inspire… :
  5. Crazee_S
    @capetown for its the way, the amount you tweet and if I know you personally. #CapeDiscuss

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 03:57:02
  6. WasYourCustomer
    “@CapeTown: what makes a Twitter account any good to follow? the name or the content? both? #CapeDiscuss” #Interest #Info #Inspiration

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 04:06:31
  7. gee_zavali
    @CapeTown the content! If its humorous or educational I’ll follow #capeDiscuss

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 04:33:16
  8. We are on to something here. Content, but not the creator of it, is probably most important. After all, it is not all that important who is in the driver seat of a Twitter account. Or is it?
  9. I believe in authentic engagement – as a key component of tweet success. @CapeTown did not just happen “because it is a place” but the account was systematically and practically build through lessons learned over 5 years. And of course via our #capetags Twitter hash tags founded one after the other as topics evolved – and supported loyally by community members. I engage frequently and openly as best as I can – so I rephrased the question and tweeted it again later the same day to solicit a few more answers…
  10. CapeTown
    getting some input for a new story on what makes a Twitter account worth following – add your view pls with #capeDiscuss

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 05:14:20
  11. Don’t tweet nonsense…
  12. Megulations
    @CapeTown Not too much spam for sure. No need to Tweet EVERY thought.

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 05:49:34
  13. Update your bio!
  14. Carin_CPT
    @CapeTown #capeDiscuss If the user has 5x the amount of following to followers then tweets obviously r not worthwhile. Bio’s r so important

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 05:28:05
  15. Yes, I agree do with LuWayne and Peter – content is the queen mother in Twitter…
  16. WonderBoySA
    @CapeTown most definitely the content from account holder. Live updates on the fly (from devices) all over the world. Best platform.

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 04:02:35
  17. PetertheHerring
    @CapeTown #capediscuss. For an info/news junkie like me twitter is the best.

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 05:46:56
  18. There is one more element that makes an account work really well – focus. Authentic content with a focus will attract followers that wish to share according to the same interest….
  19. And then of course, it certainly helps to be nice, and hold back on rants and raves… even (or especially) in 140 characters. Just take it easy as you go downstream… or else:
  20. Thanks for your feedback.

    – @iAmnotMany (Community Builder via @CapeTown & @JoziZA – because @Johannesburg was taken – for now!)

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