Connecting with other Bloggers in the City #capeblogpost

Do you know enough fellow bloggers? I have no doubt that blogging is popular in Cape Town. And that some of the best bloggers sit right now with steaming cups of hot chocolate, or some of the best red wine in front of a fire place to pin down thoughts for the worldwide web. But some how,  we are not really connected enough to promote each other, or just enjoy other write-ups than our own. Or at least, this is my perception.

So, my own attempts to connect include my list for bloggers @capetown (and if you also have a list, please reply to this post or drop me a tweet). Of course, if you need to be ON the list I would also like to add you as Capetonian blogger – both writing FROM the city or ABOUT the city. It is a simple way to promote your blog to new followers of my account. And then here is a storify summary with some recent tweets by blogging wordsmiths which collates some tweet opinions of bloggers.

And so this past week I decided there may be merit in a very simple network for bloggers in the city. It will not be something spectacular, but it will rather serve the purpose of helping us connect to each other, and tweet or share good authentic content.

So consider this your official invitation to join the network with your Facebook account or email account. You simply connect your blog URL to the Cape Town Community on BlogFrog, and it will auto-update and inform your followers there that you have posted again. It certainly will help me to know!

If you are not blogging yet, do get started… Everyone has a story and there are many easy tools. Soon, I will share about some of these applications and solutions. Have a great plan. In the mean time, I recommend that you spend a bit of time at But truthfully:

Blogging is best learned by blogging…and by reading other bloggers. – George Siemens

So, enjoy! And please let us know when you start… or what you have been blogging about for ages. Would like to connect with you. Most importantly, if you use the tag #capeblogpost in Twitter when you post your latest entry, I will be able to find your blog and also add you to the weekly paper: Bloggers at my Table. Thanks!





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3 thoughts on “Connecting with other Bloggers in the City #capeblogpost

  1. citygirlvibe says:

    Got it! Thanks for adding me to the bloggers list.

  2. innamazing says:

    Nice! I’m not from Cape Town, but I am a young blogger with a dream to one day be “freshly pressed”. It’s definately hard to get people interested in your ideas and attract large amounts of audience, because above all, I enjoy writing for myself and I write about what interests me. Well, you are welcome to check out my blog, and I’m rather new at this, so please don’t be too harsh. Peace.

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