11 Whys – I’m (a bit of a) Social Media Addict

Do I spend much time with social media and in networks? Absolutely. I find it an expression of life, with the potential to break down barriers between people. I have always loved words, and these come alive in blogs and in the connected sharing between online ‘friends’… Just this morning I discovered a good article capturing some of my own sentiments on WHY it is really OK when one’s private life starts to rub shoulders with your business life online. Why a bit of addiction (if that exists even) is all good…

The post was discovered via one of my favorite content aggregators on Scoop.itWorldWideWeb (follow me there). In fact, I have posted this entry directly from there after finding it, because Scoop.it offers a good WordPress integration.

These are the eleven reasons listed WHY I (too) am drawn to social media and online networks, and have become a bit of an addict: Connectivity. Humanity. Spontaneity. Measurability. Transitory. Personality. Flexibility. Inevitability. Technology. Revolutionary. Opportunity. On the flipside: let me just say that I do take Internet and digital addiction as serious as substance addiction – it could also destroy relationships when not kept in check!

Social networks have indeed become inevitable – one of the reasons I embrace them before they invade my space (pun intended) and update my status without permission any way. As consumers, we now have more influence on brands and on good practice by business than every before:

And social media also gives us power over brands in ways we’ve never enjoyed. Social media is word-of-mouth on steroids, and our ability to praise or punish brands with a few keystrokes is satisfying.

This is incidentally also the reason why I support ‘tweetseats’ at live performances and shows – especially theatre. We need to connect many more people with the arts via free publicity. Tweeting discreetly from a show has tremendous value to share a bit of the first-hand experience with followers to market the venue and recognise the performers. Follow @TheatreSceneCpt in Twitter to see how they do this from time to time…

20120816-093923.jpgAnd congratulations to the little Kalk Bay Theatre in Cape Town who had their first ‘tweetseats’ last night with Herman Charles Bosman’s #MafekingRd performance. Here is the silhouette of tweetseater @glanskind who joined his fellow theatre fan @janadidthis in the peanut gallery.

I also captured a glimpse of the curtain call! when all but the tweetseaters moved downstairs from the restaurant – with the awesome app GLMPS. This is an iPad and iPhone app worth exploring… Had a lot of fun with it!

So, in summary I suppose it will suffice to say not all little addictions are bad – but like all other things in life, moderation and balance remain invaluable. So next time you want to stay home chained to the PC, go to the theatre instead – or wait! do both..

Read more at ericttung.visibli.com – one of those ‘must follow’ blogs for those of us that like to learn every day about marketing and social media.


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