The Love of Retweets – #capeRTday in Cape Town

One of the smaller Twitter initiatives I really like, is #capeRTday once a month – where a Twitter user participating ONLY shares the tweets of others for 12 hours. Here are the guidelines from the mimiCapeTown site of @capetown, if you want to participate today #Nov23:

So here is the invitation to amplify some messages that you like, to refer to accounts and friends on our #capeRTday every month. This is what it means to OPT in on #capeRTday and to spend the day to focus entirely on the content of other accounts:

– tell your friends about the #capeRTday initiative please
– for 12 hours, from 9am to 9pm on the dedicated day, we ONLY retweet
– please scan your timeline for tweets with pass-along value
– use any retweet format to share tweets of other users
– do NOT send out any original, self-generated tweets on the day!
– you are welcome to add the tag #capeRTday to any tweet when you RT but nothing else, no comment, no mentions…no editing or enhancing
– when you join, post along these lines: #capeRTday > today I ONLY retweet, some tweets deserve an echo

It is going to be fun. My own Twitter account @iAmnotMany is private, so you cannot retweet any content from there (sorry!) but i am sure to retweet some interesting things, so request a follow any time. Thanks….

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