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breeding rabbits online | #rabbit4nic goes viral!

Every once in a while a story comes along that begs to go viral – it simply has that human PULL and it wants you to be part of it – to share it, blog it, tweet it… We saw such story appear in our timelines today, when blogger @6000 tweeted:

The post called on us to help the nine-year old Nic, to find an identical soft toy to the one that needs to be destroyed after his cancer treatment, as per his dad:

“…Nic is going for his Radiated Iodine therapy very soon and will be in isolation for up to 3 days , after which his PJ’s and bedding will be incinerated. He will feel better with Rabbit (pictured) but unfortunately he will be incinerated too! We are desperately trying to find the same rabbit to act as a body double! He was bought at Woolies about 10 years ago. If anybody has one like this , I will happily buy it from you! please let me know…..we know Nic is always brave with his team mate!”

[UPDATE 19/10 16:33] We started a FaceBook page for #rabbit4nic and also confirmed in his blog that a substitute rabbit arrived in Cape Town! Below is how the story unfolded earlier…

And the online community of Cape Town, and South Africa, did not disappoint! Once @capetown added a hash tag to the story, it bred like…umm…well rabbits of course!

And trended in Cape Town, and in South Africa, within a few hours:

It is difficult to follow the development of the story across social media – at least for me. Maybe someone has good tools to visualise this for us? Thank you to Woolworths, who responded via Twitter true to form to say they are also looking for the toy, and retweeted to their 22 000 odd followers:

However, it appears that the cross-posting by You Magazine into FaceBook delivered some result: “Great news. One of our readers just e-mailed us. They have the exact rabbit. We will keep you updated”.

Social media is at its best when it connects people in unexpected ways to solve problems that we face every day. I love community. This story is one about a community of caring people standing together to help a boy most of us have never met. Our thoughts are with Nic, and with other cancer warriors from our community. After all, this is the real reason why we got excited about this #rabbit4nic going viral today. It was so nice to see it happen….

Let’s find the rabbit…

[UPDATE] We got a rabbit! Nicely done South Africa… It is on it’s way to Cape Town courtesy You Magazine: Mom of Nicholas on CapeTalk567 at 14:43 today: “We are trying to create an environment that is comfortable…he’s had ‘Rabbit’ for nine and a half years… and they are not produced any more, hence the photographs across social media. Perhaps someone can spare it and we can provide a substitute…”

[UPDATE 18/10 15:10] To be Confirmed. Is the rabbit sourced by You Magazine the identical twin of #rabbit4nic ? One of my followers say we should continue the search…because it is not.. And we may need more, for other children.

[UPDATE 18/10 17:07] Huisgenoot (the Afrikaans You Magazine) has since posted a photo of the lookalike rabbit of Chane Stapelberg on their website. There may very well be other rabbits that look more alike, but this is a close match, in my opinion. Nicholas will be the best judge. Parent24 reports that two soft toys were sourced, but neither looks identical to Rabbit. There is also sense that a cause may have been born today – rabbits to the rescue! Small things often do make the most difference.

Blown away… This is a story of traditional media, social media and ordinary people with influence coming together in an extraordinary way. Many influencers such as @anib and @stephaniebe used their networks to make this story fly. And there was also the interview with Nic’s mom by 567 Cape Talk, recorded on SoundCloud if you missed it: Rabbit for Nic found by 567 CapeTalk

[UPDATE 19/10 01:00]: The story was just picked up by well-known blogger, author and online expert, Aliza Sherman and retweeted to a few thousand more followers:

[UPDATE 19/10 08:44] Readers of You Magazine are really rallying behind this cause! Three South African ‘heroes’ are giving up their own rabbits. Here they are on You Magazine’s Facebook page. This morning a third possible match was found and the following tweet posted:

On days like these – when the @capetown Twitter account could play a part in using its influence online by choosing a great tag and retweeting a worthy cause – I sleep really well.


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Working with myPrepaid, a #capeHero

In the beginning of this year, I was approached by a new startup company in Cape Town to offer prepaid electricity services to followers @capetown.

From the onset, myPrepaid made an impression and I decided to register my own meter to purchase electricity online via EFT. I wanted to test the system before recommending it, and maybe agreeing to endorse the service as a #capeHero (the tag used for supporting sponsors or affiliated businesses to the @capetown and @joziZA Twitter accounts).

It was one of the best decisions I ever made. No more rush to the local store to get prepaid electricity. I registered myself, then added them as beneficiary and transferred funds via EFT to the myPrepaid account. I received the token immediately. It was a breeze. From there, it was a simple decision to partner with myPrepaid for selective and non-intrusive promotion of the service to followers. If you want to read the Terms and Conditions, go here.

“We live in Cape Town. And so we know all about the craziness a city brings and that there are loads of things we could be doing rather than worrying about when and where to get electricity”.

It has always been a bit of pain to buy prepaid electricity and yes, there are other solutions (you are welcome to mention them in comments) but I am glad I opted into myPrepaid and tested the service several times. I feel confident to recommend it to followers. Support the tweeting of @capetown by registering via our FaceBook application or click on this link. The cost of electricity is the same! There is no need to have, or use, a credit card as you make a direct transfer every time you buy electricity. Just WOW….

Update: I discovered a video clip (embedded below) that demonstrate how easy it is. I agree. I have also now added a special promotion to the webpage that followers could tweet out. Find it on the homepage in the wibiya bar at the bottom.

Ps: If you are in Johannesburg, you can also register your meter and purchase electricity online: Click Here


FaceBook Changes 2012 – Noteworthy If your Care #socmedia

  1. As always, for the busy professional, an infographic on changes that will take effect will do the trick, so here goes…
  2. This is a very useful post from PCWorld to guide you through the process. Change your business pages as soon as possible or be disgruntled on April Fool’s day – for real…
  3. There has also been numerous tweets linked to great tips on how to make the changes for TimeLine to be optimised…
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    Facebook is changing for businesses, check this out about the new timeline changes
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
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    RT @kristiewells: Good post from @shellykramer: How to Maximize Facebook Timeline for Your Business Page (big changes coming 3/30).
    Tue, Mar 27 2012 19:12:59
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    Everything you wanted to know about Facebook Timeline for brand pages by @smexaminer
    Tue, Mar 27 2012 19:12:59
  7. Share
    Timeline changes over at the end of this month. Great article.
    Tue, Mar 27 2012 19:12:59
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    7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses » Social Media Examiner… via @smexaminer
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
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    Is your business ready for the new Facebook Timeline changes?
    Tue, Mar 27 2012 19:12:59
  10. Maybe the most contentious issue in FB has been the privacy one. And here is another change coming up:
  11. Not all are convinced:
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    Facebook’s new proposed “data use” policy still needs work re applications’ access to info of people not using apps. #privacy
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
  13. And with the FB TimeLine coming into play, it may be a good time to check those privacy settings on your account again. Developers may also find it interesting that rights will not EXCLUDE extraction of source code from downloadable software:
  14. Despite – or maybe because! of changes – we can expect that brands will more and more take on opportunities to develop applications and will find the resources to do so online. (I heard today of a brand that have to re-do their entire application after it was removed by FaceBook)….
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    Facebook : Total number of of active applications: 550,000 plus and growing daily #socialmediaa2z
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
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    How to Do Everything: Facebook Applications (Paperback): How to Do Everything: Facebook Applications (Paperback)
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
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    Using Facebook Applications in Building Your Online Business Empire KJC: .AsC
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
  18. And of course, there is the never ending convergence of social media, with speculation about the future of Twitter and FaceBook…
  19. After most has been said and done, Quora remains one of the best stops to get your outstanding questions answered on the FaceBook changes in 2012:
  20. In the final analysis, it will be up to the users of FaceBook to determine value – like in all other business, it will have to deliver meaningful content or functionality. Or, #death by removal. After all, it is a click away.
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    I really should remove some applications from my Facebook. I’m ALWAYS getting ‘Notifications’ which aren’t even Noteworthy! #facebookwoes
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
  22. – curated by @iAmnotMany for my followers that are early-adopters of technology, great business concepts and above all, kindness…
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