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50000 Followers are not Friends but Thank you! | #50000friends

– Much has been written about the loose ties we have in social networks. The quick interactions that collect information rapidly in 140 bytes at a time before moving on. Due to the very nature of the Twitter platform, such speedy sharing of interests (and junk or spam, mind you) – as opposed to attentive listening and reading – dominates. Even so, I have had such fun with the @CapeTown Twitter account which I manage and which has now attracted 50000 followers at the end of May 2013. Loose connections but oh! interesting people.  Many Thank You’s! (Please visit later).

The reality is that we do make multiple connections, and touch lightly on the lives of those we follow. And we learn from each other via this giant “people’s google” called Twitter. Nevertheless, the true friends we have are the ones that bring over chicken soup when we have the flu, and put the smart phone away. And those rare souls may (or may not) tweet at all. So, as much as I celebrate the 50000 “friends” of @CapeTown today, I do so with tongue in the cheek – and with much gratitude for the blessing and responsibility it brings to curate for such diverse community.


Thank you for the fun that you cause in my timeline, dear followers. All the ‘Good Mornings’ and late night insomniacs entertaining each other. I was reminded by a follower today:

It made me smile, because it is so true! Mostly. Although I believe that some have reached beyond the name of the account to the holder of it. And we connected, loosely.

I promise not to get carried away by the number of followers, but to continue to seek and share good quality content between people. Maybe some of the ties we have that are so light and loose, may one day become a connection of doing business together, or of social engagement at an event or even, sharing soup in the Capetonian winter. Let’s not fall into the trap of false intimacy. We hardly know the people behind most screens. But some relationships could go to another level of deeper connectedness. Right? Who knows what the next round holds? And maybe I will say of some extraordinary people that I follow:

“These were the companions who justified my principles, who gave me the strength to continue against any foe, real or imagined. These were the companions who fought the helplessness, the rage, and frustration.
These were the friends who gave me my life.” 
 R.A. Salvatore

Ps: If you want, please consider supporting the Twitter service of my @CapeTown account in simple ways by:

leaving a note on our page to celebrate #50000friends, or share this post, give a giveaway for my followers – email me: iamnotmany (at) live.com – or better yet! by supporting my campaign to get a few premium Twitter tools. I would love to do more for followers. Thank you!

Come say Hello: bit.ly/capefriends

Keep smiling, and stay real with me…. I know what is mine and what is not. Do not despair my friends. We shall have soup this winter, either way.

I wish for you all the best and thank you for a vote of confidence that the @CapeTown account will deliver tweets worth following. And thank you, Twitter!

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