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The Entertainer is in Cape Town – I am Smiling! #entertainerZA

  1. Early this year, the Dubai-based company launched at the V&A Waterfront and I endorse their concept 100% – and have since used the vouchers at several venues, finding it an absolute pleasure to see moneys deducted from my bill after being entertained in the city. The launch was a big hit!!
  2. Below is a video clip celebrating the South African launch of a book filled with more than R200 000 worth of vouchers, from restaurants, to hotels to rides… You should get the book as a gift to a friend!
  3. The news channels were quick to report on the highly successful initiative’s entry into the South African consumer market…
  4. And various bloggers have since reported on The Entertainer, sharing their own early experiences:
  5. It is really, really easy to use. Tear out the appropriate voucher from the THICK book and hand it over to the waiter/manager at the end of the evening – and voila! you will get a great discount, with a 2-for-1 deal….
  6. Such an awesome evening @atsandisher #servicestar #entertainerZA http://pic.twitter.com/lKkkZYU7
  7. And it is NOT only restaurants that feature in the book, as Emma King points out…
  8. RT @toothfairysa: Yay! Goıng on an Marıne Eco Tour tonıght wıth Ocean Adventurer @VandAWaterfront and savıng R180 thanks to @EntertainerZA!
  9. Join us in FACEBOOK – we already LIKE this company:
  10. Follow a few of the Cape Town committee members for The Entertainer in Twitter and ask us any thing…
  11. And then of course, I still have four books to GIVE AWAY 😉 so share this post and qualify for the next bit of #capeMahala….
  12. RT @CapeTown: get your BOOK of discounts for Cape Town > ow.ly/gRbxo RT & qualify for #capemahala giveaway 😉 #EntertainerZA
  13. Donna Benton, CEO of The Entertainer – and the South African team – thanks for supporting local business in Cape Town. I love the concept and how it plays out…
  14. CEO Donna Benton with Nancy Richards at the @SAfmRadio interview yesterday. http://pic.twitter.com/VMHA7u4w
  15. Enjoy The Entertainer, and find the book online – or at leading stores in Cape Town. You will spot it easily….
  16. Ps: Nicely done! GreaterThan PR…. Enjoying this #capePromo with you. Sure, the followers of @CapeTown will love it too.
  17. – Compiled by Dorette @iAmnotMany –

    Feburary 2013
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Celebrating 5 Years! in Twitter on #capeTwitterDay 22 September 2012

Who would have known that Twitter would become so prominent in our global information society? When I first registered a Twitter account, I had a hunch this would become big, but so many millions and with such social impact? Pew Research Center says that 66% of adults online use social networking sites, with Twitter being one of these, but not even at 20% yet… What a story! And what potential for growth…

At the time (in mid-2007) I was using Twitter for a few months already with my personal account where I connected mostly with early-adopters of the network. I tweeted for the first time from @capetown on 22 September 2007 (5 years ago) and this was what I said:

I had registered the @capetown account a few months earlier and was watching the technology unfold – deciding how to use the account in the best possible way. And it was clear: I would limit its potential – to serve a broader societal purpose – if I applied it entirely for my own gain, for selfish use as a placeholder for my own ventures as entrepreneur and strategy consultant. So I opted to build an online community with the first hash tags #capetraffic and #capeevent making it easy to connect with capetonians – with the intention to unlock some commercial value later. Maybe soon.

So, to get back to my #capeTwitterDay: I invite you to share the day (Saturday 22 September) with me and celebrate how Twitter has changed the world of communication forever. Let’s give credit where and when it is due. I plan to capture your online contributions with a cool content curation app, RebelMouse: right here > www.rebelmouse.com/capetwitterday

On #Sep22 you can celebrate with @capetown in Twitter in any of the following ways:

– Host an informal tweet-up under the umbrella of #capeTwitterDay on Saturday 22 September
– Post a blog, or a podcast, about Twitter in one form or another and attach the tag #capeTwitterDay
– Mention a few of your favorite followers in Twitter
– Share your favorite app for Twitter with other users, or do a review of apps that may be helpful
– Help your mother, grandfather or co-worker into Twitter on #CapeTwitterDay
– Appeal to @Twitter @Feedback to give Cape Town status as a location for trend search
– Be part & co-tweet in Twitter on 22 September about #Twitter – tag #capeTwitterDay

Basically, anything Twitter will be acceptable on the day. Is it a special function? No – it is a celebration by anyone and everyone who wants to be part of it. Any brand, any PR company, any institution or individual (preferably from/in Cape Town) can join @capetown on 22 September, and be part of an annual crowd-sourced, online event of tweeting and meeting. Feel free to even organise something special for a special cause.

The only appeal is that you celebrate on the date itself (22 September) and always recognise it as an initiative of @CapeTown account in Twitter in any media release or at the event itself.

I remain excited about the potential of Twitter and other social networks, such as the new app.net, to connect people with each other, to break through social silos. We need it in society. We need it in Cape Town. On #Sep22 I will also launch my own contribution to build our community even more. Watch the tag…

Twitter itself is going through a few growth pains at the moment, and in a recent interview with its founder, I could see the commercial wheels starting to turn. The network has yet to capitalise on its connections and users. and it is taking the turn towards it: As Jon Swartz writes in Sci-Tech Today:

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sees technology changing the future rapidly and seamlessly. He sees a cashless society, where transactions are done with smartphones; same-day delivery of goods ordered online or at retailers; the elimination of PCs in favor of smartphones and tablets; and the proliferation of data through cloud computing.

“Consider history,” Dorsey says in his soft-spoken, low-key manner. “Every technology was invented for one purpose: Enable humans to take actions faster.” And we are left with no doubt – the foundation for micro-transactions has been put firmly into place. It is a matter of time. Read the Story.

Thank you in advance! Be part of #capeTwtitterDay! I am appreciative of your following…. always.

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Fish’n Tjips in the Mother City #capecuisine

  1. This is one of those unspoken realities of many Capetonian lives – buying fish (usually hake) and deep fried chips – what other nations would call french fries. So let’s start a quick collection of favorite spots, and if you have other ideas – we shall update…
    Found this photo on Flickr – anyone knows where it is?
  2. So, the question via @capetown on a sunny winter’s Saturday – and with courtesy to @lalliestweets who prompted the initiative with her request to #capeAdvice fans:
  3. The CRAVING
  4. Lalliestweets
    @CapeTown who sells the best fish and chips, real slap chips in the southern suburbs? @capeadvice #capeadvice

    Fri, Jul 27 2012 07:01:40
  5. The FRIEND
  6. capeadvice
    For @lalliestweets who sells the best fish and chips, real slap chips in the southern suburbs? #capeadvice

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 00:20:05
  8. CapeTown
    we are talking fish and chips oulets – any favourites to add to our summarised story? #capeadvice

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 03:37:50
  9. And true to form, we got great tips and preferences for the wrapped health – uummmm, or not so much some times:
  10. Squidsquirt
    @capeadvice @lalliestweets Plumstead Fisheries (Main Road) is great. Cheap, no frills but great slap chips, big portions. #capeadvice

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 01:17:26
  11. Kellypienaar5
    fish Hoek fisheries!!amazing!“@CapeTown: we are talking fish and chips oulets – any favourites to add to our summarised story? #capeadvice”

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 07:18:35
  12. Reynardg
    .@CapeTown #capeadvice Yes, the one in Fishhoek near the station. Fish and chips the way you got to love it

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 03:47:31
  13. So_Sinzable
    @capeadvice I love Monte Carlo Fisheries in Ottery, Mr Fish in Pinelands & Kalkies in Kalk Bay #capeadvice

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 01:42:52
  14. SinQo_J
    YES!!! RT @kerbelker_s: #Capeadvice best fish&chips. Fish on the Rocks. Houtbay ♥

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 02:24:28
  15. johijinx
    @CapeTown Fish on the Rocks in Hout Bay is a definite!!! #capeadvice

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 03:38:51
  16. SharaazEasyE
    RT “@CapeTown: we are talking fish and chips oulets – any favourites to add to our summarised story? #capeadvice” Mariners Warf Hout Bay!

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 03:42:02
  17. And some got a little bit less specific…
  18. deanbromkamp
    The Coloured-owned ones! RT @CapeTown: we are talking fish and chips oulets – any favourites to add to our summarised story? #capeadvice

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 03:40:20
  19. anib
    @CapeTown Koeberg Fisheries. or any real portuguese shop. biased 🙂 #capeadvice

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 03:54:57
  20. or took us out of Town:
  21. JaneHB
    “@CapeTown: we are talking fish and chips oulets – any favourites to add to our summarised story? #capeadvice” Ooskus in gordons bay. Great

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 04:07:51
  22. Heidi_HB
    @CapeTown Jo Marlin in Strand and Somerset West AWESOME #fishnchips #capeadvice

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 08:50:26
  23. Don’t you just love it when you get great suggestions from locals?
  24. CapeTown
    thanks for great suggestions on takeaway truly capetonian fish and chips 🙂 #capeadvice (will collate)

    Sat, Jul 28 2012 05:29:29
  25. Only included the answers of those tweeps that used our hashtag #capeadvice in their tweets – thanks for making the collation easier. Hope you enjoy it.

    Any more? Tweet us with #capecuisine @capetown … Thanks!
  26. And also, our friend Cape Town Magazine did a feature that adds value to collated answers for @lalliestweets – and will help you on your quest to find fish freshly prepared from our Atlantic
  27. Well, all of this – and the opening of #Olympics2012 make me wonder – did we get our recipes for hake and chips from the British?! Or the Portugese? One thing is clear: Our shops and restaurants are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike – throughout the day 😉  Let us know when you find another good spot.
    – @iAmnotManyIt was fun putting this together… Thanks again for all the contributions.
    Curator and Creative TumbleMind that loves Cape Town
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a Logo and Slogan for #CapeAdvice

It has become necessary to develop a logo for the popular #CapeAdvice service. True to the crowd-sourced style of building our Twitter community, I decided to farm out the opportunity to graphic designers in return for some tweet exposure. Of course, the first preference would be to pay one professional for her/his talent, but I figured, in this way more than one could get marketing exposure to a wider clientele. Bartering of sorts. I request followers to spread the news and share the process to achieve some reciprocity. Thanks in advance.

If interested: Indicate your intention to help out with a logo with a quick tweet to @iAmnotMany and tag it #logoforcapeadvice. Then, by latest deadline Monday 9 April at noon, please submit your design via email to tweet@atcapetown.co.za in simple JPEG format, after which the @CapeTown followers will be asked to vote regularly for a design via TWTpoll for one week.

Benefits: Each entrant will also be profiled on the website atcapetown.co.za/advice with a direct link to your preferred portfolio of work or website, and will also be introduce via tweets. The final decision will rest with me, but I will certainly place a heavy weight on the opinions of followers and affiliates, and intend to consult with them frequently via Twitter about your designs.

Here is the small downloadable project brief for more details. (Update: some people struggle to download the document, so tweet me for an emailed copy of the brief @iamnotmany).

I am excited to see the results of the creative efforts. In addition, I hope this small campaign could help great graphic artists to get more exposure, especially in Cape Town – but entries are not limited to Capetonian designers this time around…

Thank you very much!

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