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The Entertainer is in Cape Town – I am Smiling! #entertainerZA

  1. Early this year, the Dubai-based company launched at the V&A Waterfront and I endorse their concept 100% – and have since used the vouchers at several venues, finding it an absolute pleasure to see moneys deducted from my bill after being entertained in the city. The launch was a big hit!!
  2. Below is a video clip celebrating the South African launch of a book filled with more than R200 000 worth of vouchers, from restaurants, to hotels to rides… You should get the book as a gift to a friend!
  3. The news channels were quick to report on the highly successful initiative’s entry into the South African consumer market…
  4. And various bloggers have since reported on The Entertainer, sharing their own early experiences:
  5. It is really, really easy to use. Tear out the appropriate voucher from the THICK book and hand it over to the waiter/manager at the end of the evening – and voila! you will get a great discount, with a 2-for-1 deal….
  6. Such an awesome evening @atsandisher #servicestar #entertainerZA http://pic.twitter.com/lKkkZYU7
  7. And it is NOT only restaurants that feature in the book, as Emma King points out…
  8. RT @toothfairysa: Yay! Goıng on an Marıne Eco Tour tonıght wıth Ocean Adventurer @VandAWaterfront and savıng R180 thanks to @EntertainerZA!
  9. Join us in FACEBOOK – we already LIKE this company:
  10. Follow a few of the Cape Town committee members for The Entertainer in Twitter and ask us any thing…
  11. And then of course, I still have four books to GIVE AWAY 😉 so share this post and qualify for the next bit of #capeMahala….
  12. RT @CapeTown: get your BOOK of discounts for Cape Town > ow.ly/gRbxo RT & qualify for #capemahala giveaway 😉 #EntertainerZA
  13. Donna Benton, CEO of The Entertainer – and the South African team – thanks for supporting local business in Cape Town. I love the concept and how it plays out…
  14. CEO Donna Benton with Nancy Richards at the @SAfmRadio interview yesterday. http://pic.twitter.com/VMHA7u4w
  15. Enjoy The Entertainer, and find the book online – or at leading stores in Cape Town. You will spot it easily….
  16. Ps: Nicely done! GreaterThan PR…. Enjoying this #capePromo with you. Sure, the followers of @CapeTown will love it too.
  17. – Compiled by Dorette @iAmnotMany –

    Feburary 2013
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